Porta Ovile

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Trials, layout, and sketches

Rendered Analitique

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popUP Piazza

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The model is a representation of the San Quiricio Piazza containing San Quiricio church and the Museo delle Contrade.

Laid out and rendered

Model views

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Lorenzetti Redux

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Each collage contains 6 storyboards of events taken from the personifications of governments. The storyboards are placed in the order in which in my opinion governments either succeed or fail.


The good government’s goal is to attain fortitude and magnanimity in the long run, so those storyboards are last. The primordial goals that the government cares about are to give peace and justice to its people. With prosperity the government must be prudent, and the bodies protecting its people should show temperance in their doing.

Peace: Regardless of race, heritage, or color, we should act as one in order to have a strong unifying bond to our families and our communities.

Justice: Our political figures show our pride. It becomes part of our tradition and it is something we like to celebrate and embellish. Those figures are what give us our entity and prosperity.

Prudence: The government embellishes not only regard for one’s well being but also the management of how its people collaborate in our well being as a nation.

Temperance: Our wealth and resources, whether it be the goods that we produce or consume, or our fields and fruit must be treated with care and responsibility for our future’s well being.

Fortitude: Our nation’s strength should be based on our unified society and prosperous economy. Our defense and military body should liberate our people rather than oppress them.

Magnanimity: The greatness of our nation is shown in our traditions, our education, and overall quality of life.


The bad government is laid out with first the division and segregation of the people. Segregation and alienation lead to cruel treatment of groups of people and where there is cruelty and segregation there is crime and fraud which will most likely find its way up to critical positions within the high ranks of the government resulting in treason. These events build up fury and pessimism within the people resulting in what we fear most; war.

Division: Division of the people start with division of views and ideals, it evolves into the segregation and classification of people within communities which in the long run separates us from our home.

Cruelty: With division comes preference of groups, and the least liked groups will suffer the most. Within these groups human rights will not abide.

Fraud: The imbalance of the allocation of goods towards the people encourage illicit ways of income. Whether it is petty crime or contraband, it is an issue that will damage the greater whole at the expense of the lucrative gain of one.

Treason: This follows the snowball effect of fraud at a grandeur stage. It is when we lose our privacy and the bodies of defense and order are no longer in our favor and no longer know who to trust.

Fury: With fraud and treason as our everyday bread, desperation and aggression becomes the common norm in the people’s mentality. What we once saw beautiful and elegant we know see vulgar and ridiculous.

War: This is the bottom of the abyss of a nation that has been suffering. The storyboard shows continuous events and no end…

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Im sitting down on a ledge by the Milan central station and I’m feeling a bit cranky because the train leaving at midnight was packed and the next one available was at 6:30 so I did an all nighter in the station. Honestly, I’m really not in the mood to blog but I need to do something in order to kill time until my train leaves. Fucking mosquitoes. It’s only 5:25 and my iPhone is about to die. Ok, so here is the synopsis of what happened since my last post:
Feira Milano was a bust; it’s all in construction and it was locked down. I dumped two Euros into a nonworking bathroom stall and I realy needed to pee. I stopped by a hotel and borrowed their bathroom, felt like a new man, and continued my route towards the Inter Milan stadium San Siro. The stadium was outside my map so I had to ask around a bit but was lucky two find two other tourists from eastern Europe that had the chunk of map that I was missing. It was a scary and long walk of approximately 5 kilometers in a lonely part of the city. There were stars and swastikas spray painted on the wall which didn’t really help the mood; I was really hoping those stars were Jewish and not satanic. After a few more minutes of walking I arrived at the stadium but what really stood ou was the a horse stadium right in front of it. I got as close as I could to the stadium, it wasn’t anything stadium bit I guess it’s a landmark being that it’s where a few weeks ago internazionale whom the euefa champions league. Which reminds me, the Nike store in Milan has an amazing entrance as it has the 11 corresponding statues of the players that that played for Internazionale for the championship with their soccer uniforms. It’s 6:00, I’m off to the platform.
I got back to the asylum at 11:45 just in time for the daily tour which was to a museum of the mind. Although it was a small building, it had very interesting displays. The first room contains hanging sheets of glass that were frosted and had videos of mental patients attempting to break through the glass. This was my favorite piece due to it’s simplicity and effectiveness. The next room had a cone shaped wall with a lens in the middle. The coned wall looked into a room with ramps, uneven dimensions and other conditions which when seen to the lens, it shows people of different heights all seem the same. The effect was given due to the way the brain interprets planes and surfaces to define a space. The other installations were less amusing, except for this table which had two bolts placed at equidistant points from the center. You would place your elbows on these two bolts, then place your hands over your ears and you would hear voices that would come from these bolts. The rest of the exhibits weren’t that amusing.

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Woke up feeling good, only a bit sleepy. I got ready, took a comforting shower and got some breakfast. The checkout went smoothly and I was on my way to see what Milan was all about. Milan is pretty easy to get around; I have not gotten lost once and there are times when I don’t need the map. The first and main point of interest in Milan is Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II. The central station seems to be a very vital part of the city as it is framed by a quite large and commercial avenue. Milan is a more modern city than Rome and is far cleaner. Its combination of high profile modern buildings and the traditional narrow Italian streets is pretty overwhelming. I had fun window shopping and then veered off onto a random direction to then find myself in front of the Galleria. I was speechless. From this point on, I started following the landmarks near by to later find myself overwhelmed yet again. This time it was the Milan Cathedral; one of the most, if not the most, impressive churches I’ve seen. I had an urge to attend mass being that my next appointment is long overdue and I had some time to spare. I stayed inside only for 15 minutes and did some more window shopping. I was getting hungry and I had done a quick restaurant google search so I headed to the supposedly #1 restaurant voted by users of that site. I wasn’t impressed by the food but maybe it was because I ordered the wrong dish. Afterwards I got a gelato (haven’t eaten this much ice-cream in my life) and went off into some random direction. I still wanted to see one more thing: the Feira Milano by Massimiliano Fuksas.

I had a few distractions along the way, couldn’t help going into some of the stores and even decided to watch a movie at a theater. In my opinion downtown Milan is both the best and worst place to watch a movie; you’re in a city that is such a spectacle making the ‘going to the movies’ experience special, but at the same time, if you’re in Milan why are you wasting your time locking yourself up in a dark room to watch a movie. That’s more like a New Jersey thing to do when you’re bored out of your mind. Well, I went in anyways only be turned down because everything is in Italian; I guess Italians are too good for subtitles. Feeling a bit let down because I was looking forward to Twili…. uh A-Team, I went on with my course; pretty much back tracking since this morning. I got back to the Galleria saw the cathedral again and the fort (yeah, there’s a big ass fort past the Galleria) and into a park with a huge arch on the opposite side of the fort. This marks the central axis of Milan; the cathedral, the galleria, the fort, the park, and the arch. Crossing the park looks easy being that as soon as you enter you see the arch on the other side, but the thing is that the paths of the park are all circular creating the public areas towards the center along the central axis of the park, which would be the easiest and quickest way to cross the damn park. As I grew aggravated of walking in loops something caught my eye. I heard drums, saw some white people attempting to dance and big crowd by a concrete stage. The stage itself was peculiar because of it’s cantilever (look at picture) but the really cool part was the performance. It’s basically four guys with nine drums, one guy is always dancing while the other three are playing the drums. The remaining drums are for the onlookers who are encouraged to join in. I think it’s a great display of civic integration; as one guy is dancing and casting attention upon the stage( not that he needs to, the drums do just fine ) it prepares the stage in a friendly atmosphere. The guys playing lead the main riff or beat of the song and that enables the participants to follow along without fear of feeling silly as you’re surrounded by other on looking participants. That way everyone has fun, and the best part is that they don’t ask for money. The best things in life really are free.

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My first sleep at the asylum wasn’t very comfortable. I woke up optimistic thinking I will head out somewhere far but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Onto the next task: laundry. It wasn’t so bad, only thing is I have to wait 3 hours until I get it back dried and folded and for 5 Euros I think it isn’t that bad, but I think I should wash my own clothes. The day feels as it’s going downhill due to breakfast turning out not so great. So far today blows.
As soon as I was done I took a shower and started to work on the shower structure along with my team members. It was a bamboo frame and rope was used for the joints. It turned out looking pretty good in my opinion.
Lunch time! I think I bought too much food. The pizza was ok, the croissant bites were great, shame half of my pizza ended face down on the floor. That incident lead to an awkward moment trying to ask for a napkin (apparently the Italian translation for ‘napkin’ is not some distorted variation of the Spanish word ‘servilleta’). While I was concluding my lunch I was having an interesting conversation with Edwin on his take on the trip and how it reminded him of the movie ‘The Village’. My lunch was later interrupted by Matt asking me if I was ready to leave for the lake; I wanted to go but I really wanted to settle my things down and take a shower before I left so I stayed behind.
Randomness strikes again! After taking a quick nap and a refreshing shower I got dresses up and was feeling very happy that I had both clean underwear and socks. No flip flops for today; good riddance. It was due to flip flops, or choice to wear them therefore, that I injured my foot during that short midnight escapade into a Rem Koolhas construction site. Back to the topic, I decided to head to Piazza de Popolo to go window shopping and get new flip flops and maybe some clothes. On my confused way to the train station I stopped by my favorite fountain to drink some cold refreshing water and as I was arriving to the station I get a call from my mom. I was disappointed because I knew I wasn’t going to Germany or Checz Republic. After the call I decided to return to the hotel and come up with a plan. I struggled to get a wifi signal and didn’t have enough battery to do all I wanted but I did see something interesting to do: Milan. So now, I’m in a high speed train (awesome) on my way to a city that I’ve never been before and in a country that in which I have struggled with its language since my arrival 7 days ago. This is the perfect recipe for awesomeness: random spontaneous oblivious eager thirst to see what’s outside of this train once it stops. Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s midnight.

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Exhausted from the night before, I woke up late this Friday making it the second day of this week that I would miss out on breakfast. After checkout I dumped my bags in a van and headed out to Piramide station. There we walked towards an adjacent station (Roma Ostiense) and got on a double decker train that would take me to Santa Maria de la Pieta. Aggravation started early as I lost my group in the station, but fortunate enough to meet up with the second half of members that were left behind prior to reaching the station. I arrived at the asylum and felt discomforted as I was walking toward our predestined living space. I attended a get together with the goal of setting up teams, supply list, and tasks. Afterwards I headed out to get lunch. When I came back things were looking more optimistic as the supplies came in, the shower gazebo was set up, and the barbeque was starting to look good.

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